Equipment and services

In carefully designed construction are distributed 3 independent apartments, each one fully equipped for four people

The apartments are provided with the comfort of a complete equipment: living room, television, two bedrooms, American like kitchen, bathroom, heating, wrought fireplace with oven, green areas...

Senderos entre robledales de Lamiña Robledales Cascadas en Lamiña Cascadas en Lamiña

"Las Rozas de Cabuérniga"apartments

Situation and accesses

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Rut or heat period of the Common Deer.

El Soplao Cave has been already baptized as the "Cathedral of the Geology And Altamira the Sistine chapel of Paleolithic art

Beaches of Oyambre


Mapa de relieve del parque Saja-Nansa , tened un poco de paciencia  tarda un poco en descargar pero merece la pena.