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Rut or heat period of the Common Deer.

Every year approximately from mid September to mid October, in the heart of the Natural Park Saja-Besaya, takes place one of the most startling shows in the Spanish fauna : the rut of the red or common deer.

We organize day trips for our costumers to watch the deers and to listen to the deep and potent roars that the stag emits to attract the females (hinds) in heat to the harem. The trips are programmed to go into the woods at dawn, just before the sun rises, or at dusk, almost at night, as these are the moments in which the stags leave their hideouts and the echoes of their bellows resonate in all the valleys and corners of the Park.

This is one of the few moments that you will be able to watch this impressive big males in the wilds, an experience difficult to forget and that you will be willing to repeat every year in our apartments of Lamiña.

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