Este establecimiento cumple con todas las normas de calidad que exige la Consejería de Turismo de Cantabria y esta registrado como Vivienda Rural-Apartamentos Rurales.------TURISMO Y ALOJAMIENTO DE CALIDAD-----
Beaches of Oyambre

Leaving from the town of Lamiña in full mountain Cabuerniga, until Oyambre has a walk from 15 to 20 minutes. The beach has about 1800 m. of longitude, without slopes and differences. The access to the beach is pedestrian and smooth, with parking.

Security and Surveillance: Civil protection of the 20 June to the 20 August and salvage service and socorrismo in the same beach

The cleaning is daily and there are containers of garbage and skillful. The sand is fine and of white color. It can be practiced surf, windsurf, shovels, volleyball, soccer and sports in general.

The Natural Park of Oyambre is one of the most valuable areas in the Cantabrian coast, so much for its geomorphology, process of formation of beaches and estuaries, like for the flora, fauna, landscape, archaeological locations, etc... Everything becomes this area of Cantabria an exceptional museum and alive laboratory for the study and investigation of the natural resources and the history of the region. After discussions and polemic, in 1988 the natural park of Oyambre was declared, on an extension of 5758 there is. It has a zono coast protection that he/she understands the entirety of the beaches, swamps, dunes, cliffs and immediate areas

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El Soplao Cave has been already baptized as the "Cathedral of the Geology And Altamira the Sistine chapel of Paleolithic art

Rut or heat period of the Common Deer