This establishment fulfils all the norms of tourism quality that Cantabria Government demands and it is registered as Rural Housing - Rural Apartments. ---QUALITY TOURISM---
"Las Rozas de Cabuérniga"

Apartments of rural tourism

Cantabria " Spain"

The apartments are located in the higher part of Lamiña (Ruente) with some impressive views over the whole valley of Cabuérniga, area with picturesque and well-known villages as Ruente, Barcena Mayor, Sopeña, Los Tojos...

" La Concilla" in Palombera pass

The National Reserve of Saja is the largest in Spain (180.186 hectares). It occupies approximately half of Cantabria's west side, but for the coastal lands. Famous rivers as Ebro, Besaya, Saja, Nansa and Deva flow along the Reserve, which forests, animal life and hydrological richness conform a unique magical atmosphere, present in many local legends.
The Reserve is a natural habitat for a lot of species as roe deer, capercaillie, boar, fox, golden eagle, red deer, wolf and brown bear. Hunting and fishing are subjected to restrictive laws, aiming to protect species risking extinction.

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Rut or heat period of the Common Deer.

El Soplao Cave has been already baptized as the "Cathedral of the Geology And Altamira the Sistine chapel of Paleolithic art

Beaches of Oyambre

"Oak forest in Lamiña"

Trekking through beeches, oaks, birches and chestnut trees makes nature lovers feel a special sensation of peace.
Craftmanship in this area uses wood provided by forests, which has been elaborated with care and grace since ancient times.
Craftmen's work has generated varied and traditional objects: wooden shoes called albarcas, ladles, livestock collars known as cebillas and a curious table called perezosa (lazy), also used as a bench or a step.

" A Cascade close to Lamiña"

Due to the steepness of Cantabrian mountain range, rivers of this area have uneven courses, with a thriving flora wide variety, including alders, sallows, ash-trees, hazel trees and chestnut trees, besides important animal species as trout, salmon, otter, dipper, kingfisher, grey heron...